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Why did we make this record and who played on it?

The Pet Peppers album cover shows us standing with our parents behind us, and their parents behind them. Art like children are the products of parent pieces – new and also nastolgic – just like these songs are new and also directly derivative.

We were so blessed to have several friends give beautiful guest performances on Pet Peppers! Jack Tabby on Viola, Beth Eisgrau-Heller on Flute, Brandon Welchez of Crocodiles on Alto Sax, Charles Rowel also of Crocodiles on Guitar, Vanessa Small of West Coast Brambles on Piano, and Christian Bland of The Black Angels on Fuzz Guitar.

We are giving away this free album of 12 songs collectively written by The Beatles and Beach Boys and arranged and recorded by Hellbirds. Just enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site and you will be sent the download link to the free album.

So enter your name and email address, throw on your headphones, and enjoy a journey into an alternate universe where two of the best bands ever wrote one iconic album.